E-mail Migration Service


Having trouble migrating your emails? Let our data migration specialists simplify your email migration between a wide range of mailbox providers. 

We Understand the Value of Your Emails!

Whether you are trying to migrate your personal emails, or all your company’s employee email boxes, there is no easy approach to perform this securely. Many hosting providers make is almost impossible to migrate the data out of their servers in a transparent manner.

Have you been offered to purchase unreliable email migration tools from companies you’ve never heard of? You are not alone!  We completely understand the pain of email migration and our migration team is just their to solve this problem.

We provide hassle-free and secure email migration from/to a range of well-known email service providers (AWS WorkMail, GSuite & Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, and many more) so you can count on us to have your data safe and secure.


eMailBoxes supported by Hozty !

If you are having trouble with migrating your emails and other files from any of the above displayed email providers, Hozty email migration is exactly what you are looking for. 

Please note that the above list is NOT the complete list of technologies our migration tools support but few hand-picked brands. Feel free to get in touch if your emailbox provider is not listed in the collection above. Our team might still be able to help you. 

Responsive Design

All Hozty’s websites and applications are fully responsive. Which means your site will look great and function as expected in all smart devices irrespective of there screen sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

Sefe and Secure

Security is one of Hozty’s top priorities. In this information age, if your content and systems are not secure, they create a significant threat to your business as a whole. All our hosting plans come with high securiy enforced by free and auto SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt. Further, we specialize in protecting your website against a range of attacks.

Dedicated Support

Hozty 24/7/365 Support Center strives for a 30-minute response time for all support tickets by our clients. Our tech teams consist of experienced and highly skilled team of professionals who are dedicated to support your business.

LiteSpeed Servers

All Hozty’s web development plans come with FREE 1-year hosting on our LiteSpeed WebServers (10x faster than Apache servers). Hozty’s web experts not only ensure your website looks great but also make sure it runs super fast for your audience.

Hozty Guarantee

24/7/365 Support

Our expert tech teams are monitoring the servers all day long, everyday. Our sales and support teams are always standing by to help.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

To ensure all our customers have a great and rewarding experience with our hosting solutions. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all our Hosting plans, No Questions Asked!!

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